Do you want your furniture in your home to tell a story? Are you someone who loves to own something unique? If you’re looking to buy vintage furniture for your home, you will love our fantastic range here at Kernow Furniture. 

When it comes to choosing furniture for our homes, it’s important that the pieces represent who we are and what we love. The furniture should be unique, contemporary and individual. It should also come at a reasonable price, all the while offering a backstory- something that doesn’t come with your average chair from a high street shop.

At Kernow Furniture, we work hard to find stunning pieces of vintage furniture. Whether you’re searching for an old tablecloth to go with your vintage table, or an antique cabinet, our website offers something for every room in the house.

When you buy any of our products, we aim to get them to you in no more than 10 working days. We are also happy to over a 30-day return policy if you’re not entirely happy with your piece of furniture.

Take a look around our website today where you can view our full range of vintage furniture.

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