Royal Memorabilia and Commemorative China

Commemorative items are nothing new, they have been around for a long time and many of us will have seen them in family homes as we were growing up. Most of us will remember seeing the commemorative plates and mugs in the pages of popular magazines, encouraging people to own a piece of history. A huge variety of items were produced throughout the world, with everyone seeing a chance to cash in on the most recent Royal celebration - which still continues to this day, with a huge amount of unofficial memorabilia coming from China.

Royal souvenirs date back to Queen Victoria’s wedding to Prince Albert, where the industrious Victorians saw an opportunity to begin mass producing the items.

Royal weddings aren’t the only event to receive commemorative china and homeware accessories. Coronations, births of Royal babies and Royal engagements are all huge occasions. Particularly popular items, of official and unofficial memorabilia include the Coronation of King George IV, the Coronation of Elizabeth II, the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, and the births of Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Whilst these Royal pieces may not be of much monetary value, it's certainly a challenge for collectors to keep their collection up to date, whilst trying to find those elusive missing pieces.

The Royal Mint has released a coin to mark Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding, which has proved so popular that it sold out extremely quickly.

Commissioned by Buckingham Palace, The Royal Collection Trust has made all official Royal memorabilia since 1993, and has released commemorative china for the special day.

This includes a china-ware range of Royal Miniature mugs, commemorative mugs, pillbox, tankard, and commemorative plate.

In our 'New Uses for Antique Furniture' blog post we explored how antique and vintage furniture can be repurposed for modern life, and the same goes for vintage china. It's beautiful to use as everyday pieces, or perfect for a themed vintage celebration, such as a baby shower, bridal, shower, hen party, or a celebratory afternoon tea.

We like this idea from Selina Lake, Stylist and Author, who has very simply used a commemorative mug celebrating the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II as a vase. Perfect for blooms from the garden. We've also seen Coronation Tea Pots being used as flower vases - very original. Or perhaps, you could bring a bit of the British Bulldog spirit into the bathroom, by using a vintage mug as a toothbrush holder.

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