Planning the Perfect Dining Room

Dining rooms aren't simply used for eating in at mealtimes anymore. A family room, it often needs to be multi-purpose with enough space for family meals, children to play or do their homework, to entertain, or just to relax in. We stock a large variety of dining furniture in many sizes and styles, and have compiled a list of our most commonly asked questions regarding furnishing a dining room. 



Dining table size mainly depends on two things - how many people you need to seat and how big your room is. A place setting for one person should be shoulder width, which equates to roughly 61cm, to sit more comfortably you may want to allow extra elbow space.

Rectangular dining tables are fairly easy to judge how many people it will seat. The general rule is to allow about 2ft of space per person. So a 6ft table could seat 6 people, a 10ft dining table could seat 10 people. Drop leaf or extending dining tables are space saving tables if you have a large dining room and need flexible dining space. Round dining tables can be a better option in small dining rooms - table corners can use a lot of space. They also allow for a more intimate dining experience, as everyone is seated to clearly face one another. Oval dining tables also allow for a narrower space with no corners.

You may want a slightly bigger table than necessary if you like to have a central sharing space for serving, or if use table centrepieces. 


Standard dining tables are often about 76cm high. Many vintage and retro dining table vary slightly, and some antique dining tables would have previously been used as work tables in kitchen areas and could be a struggle for taller people sit comfortably.


The perfect clearance between a dining table and wall is about 122cm - this allows enough space to comfortably walk around when people are seated. If space is limited, 91.4cm is enough space to be seated and have a little space. Take any other furniture in the room into account, dining rooms often have sideboards, console tables, cupboards etc.  A good dining table and chairs clearance can make a room work well and flow nicely.



Selecting the right dining chairs for your dining table depends on more than how aesthetically pleasing they are. Not all dining chairs are the same size and the variations can matter greatly when pairing with a dining or kitchen table. Initially, ensure that the chairs will slide comfortably under the table, next think about the amount of space between the underside of the table and where your legs will fit. Aim for approximately 12cm gap for legs under the table, anything less than this may be a little tight. Consider any taller members of the family as they may appreciate more leg room if they will use the table regularly!

With standard dining tables being around 75cm high, a standard dining chair seat height would be around 45cm or 46cm high. The standard dining chair width is between 40cm and 50cm. With regard to seat size, please ask us to measure and let you know the dimensions if needed - you want to ensure that the depth and width of the seat will be comfortable for you. Personally, we also like the combination of a dining table and bench. A lovely antique rustic bench is great if space is at a premium, it can almost disappear under the table and be pushed back against a wall for any impromptu parties or important family gatherings.

Create your own dining table set by mixing and matching our antique dining tables and chairs - choose from Victorian dining tables or antique pine kitchen tables, perfect for a formal dining room or a rustic country kitchen. Need extra dining chairs for Christmas? We have many single chairs, pairs of dining chairs, and sets of 4 or 6 dining chairs to complement your existing furniture. Find retro dining sets and small vintage tables, all available to purchase online, with national delivery available. If you're in Cornwall and would like to visit or antique warehouse, please give us a call on 01209 316220 or Contact Us.


December 06, 2021 — Benita Ellis-Kelly

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