We were saddened to read that one of the designers who introduced Scandinavian design to America passed away in early December 2016. The Danish-American designer, Jens Risom, was a leading light in mid-century modern design.

Risom teamed with Hans Knoll of the Hans Knoll Furniture Company in the early 1940s as the sole designer of interiors and furniture, and went on to design some marvellous pieces that differed from what was being produced at the time.

His 650 line was intended for project use during wartime. Usual supply lines were interrupted by the war, and they could only use non-critical materials for production, such as parachute straps that had been rejected by the military.

The Risom lounge chair, amongst other Risom designs are still produced today. Some of Risom's furniture is on display at the Museum of Modern Art, the Yale University Art Gallery and the Brooklyn Museum, amongst others.

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December 06, 2021 — Benita Ellis-Kelly

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