Merrow Associates Dining Table

"Furniture is still a symbol of permanence to most people," Richard Young

The combination of rosewood, chrome & glass has become synonymous with Merrow Associates and the quality of the 20th Century furniture they produced is unrivalled in British manufacturing. Quite frankly, we love it!Merrow Associates Coffee Tables by Richard Young

Designer Richard Young, Merrow Associates co founder (along with engineers Percy Wyett and Peter Weeks), trained as a cabinet maker as well as formerly studying at the Royal College of Art and later at the Royal Art Academy Copenhagen. The company had the idiom 'Modern Classic' and set out to prove that their British workmanship could rival their Scandinavian counterparts. 

The firm maintained its commitment to high quality by only producing lines in small batches from their factory in Guildford. Therefore, their ranges were only retailed by the likes of Harrods and Heal's which in turn has led to them remaining highly sought after and becoming antiques of the future.

Merrow Associates were also commissioned to produce bespoke pieces by special clients such as the National Trust and Ministry of Public Buildings.

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May 29, 2017 — Ed Wakeling

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