Inspiring presents in praise of mothers

Inspiring presents in praise of mothers

Show your mum how much she means to you this Mother's Day (March 27) by spoiling her with a vintage gift that will last a lot longer than a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates. You'll also be investing in a much older tradition than you might imagine.

The birth of a modern celebration

Mothering Sunday was traditionally the day in the UK when domestic servants were given the day off to return to their mother church, i.e. the church where they were baptised, and visit their family.  The observance, a religious festival which started in the 16th century, was called 'going a-mothering.'

Flowers were picked and special cakes baked to mark the occasion.  A type of spicy iced bun from the 18th century, called a Mothering Bun, is linked with Bristol and Bath and remains popular in Somerset and Gloucestershire.

However, Mothering Sunday fell out of fashion until the start of the 20th century when Constance Penswick Smith, daughter of an Anglican vicar in Nottinghamshire, read a newspaper article on an American  woman's attempts to create an annual celebration of motherhood. Miss Smith took the idea and linked it with the former religious festival. She promoted it so successfully that by the time of her death in 1938, Mothering Sunday was said to be observed in every parish in Britain and throughout the British Empire.

Inspiring ideas to show you care

In modern Britain, the day is a much more commercial event but, for a gift that's every bit as individual and special as your mum, we have some beautiful vintage items to show her you really care.

With a riot of Spring flowers coming into bloom, every mum would be happy with a lovely vase to show them off in.

We stock a huge range of vases in every style, size and colour imaginable to suit all tastes and every pocket. From classic clear crystal to vintage pottery, we have far more than the everyday garden variety on offer!

This pair of Kralik art nouveau vases would make a pretty addition to any room. Originally made at the Kralik glassworks in Bohemia - now part of the Czech Republic - they have appliqued glass flowers and are a fine example of the colourful products that were exported worldwide from the region after the second half of the 19th century.

 Pair Kralik art nouveau vase

Jewellery has always been a traditional gift of affection and tis stunning African red bead collar is a real statement piece, guaranteed to turn heads and invite admiration.

 African red bead necklace

And, of course, if you have lovely jewellery, you need somewhere to keep it. This vintage Sorrento marquetry musical jewellery box is a lovely place to store precious items as well as being an attractive ornament in its own right. In good working order, it plays Lara's Theme from the film Doctor Zhivago.

 Vintage Sorrento Marquetry Musical Jewellery Box

For a modern working mum, this mother-of-pearl card case adds a touch of old-time elegance to a handbag or briefcase.

Mother-of-pearl card case

Delivery all wrapped up

We are able to offer an express delivery service to England and Wales on most of our products.  We can get items to you as fast as the next working day on orders placed before 12 noon, but please call us with your postcode first to confirm your item is eligible and for us to provide a quote.

We wrap your precious parcel with care, using recycled or recyclable materials.  For example, our bubble wrap is re-useable and fully recyclable. It is itself made from in excess of 90% recycled content so by shopping with us you are looking after the planet as well as caring for your mum.  Happy Mothering Sunday!


March 24, 2022 — Francesca Peterson

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